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Pay us a visit and see our charters that you can take, for a ride!

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How to Rent a Fishing Charter

When you’re thinking about renting a fishing charter, it’s ideal to know how to actually find one. You won’t have to go to a bay in the beginning, as many of the renting companies have online websites where you can take a look and see what they have to offer.

Look Online
First of all, you have to look online. With a simple search, you will be able to find at least a few companies that offer you fishing charters to rent. You’ll see pictures, prices, and even discounts if you look more carefully. Choose a few companies and start browsing through their website.

Look for credibility when you choose a company. A website that’s not kept up to date is most likely representing a company that’s out of service. The website should have updated information about renting hours, vessels, the trips that they offer or anything else that you might be interested in.

Social Media Profile
Also, while you’re here, look for the social media profile of the chosen business. You’ll see how many people appreciate their activity, real reviews from real customers and what they share online. It’s more than enough to have an idea about how serious they are. The same – if the profile is not kept up to date, choose someone else.

The Charter
When you choose the charter, take a look at different aspects. If you go alone, a smaller charter will be enough, but if you go with some friends, take one that supports more people aboard. Also, you’ll need to see if the charter comes with captain and crew, or if you need to book them separately. Some charters are made just for a short trip – half-day or just a day, while others are made to sail for a longer time. Depending on your needs, choose one accordingly.

The pricing will be different, of course, depending on what you want. With or without crew and captain, for a day or a few days, for fishing or just for sailing and so on, you’ll pay different prices. Keep in mind all these aspects when you make your booking.

Don’t forget about the contract. Once you’ve seen the vessel, ask about a written contract where everything should be written down. It will protect both you and the company, in case anything happens during your trip on the waters.

Tips for Renting a Fishing Charter

No matter if you’re an experienced angler or you’ve just started discovering this hobby, there are some things that you have to know before renting a fishing charter. Some essential tips are for everyone, no matter if you go alone, with your friends or with your family.

It can be a very pleasant experience to rent a fishing charter, as it’s relaxing and it can allow you to sail new waters, especially if you’re on vacation.

See the Charter
First of all, when you talk to a sport fishing charter renting company, make sure you see the vessel before taking it for a trip. That’s essential because they can present you one thing and you can end up on a very different boat.

You don’t want to pay for one thing and see that what you’re getting is not what you’ve rented. See that the photos presented are the actual photos of the boat.

Ask for License
Every company that rents charters or boats to anglers needs to have a specific license for that area, so ask them about it. If they don’t have it, they will not have insurance and they won’t cover for anything in case something happens.

A company that works professionally and offers quality services won’t hesitate in showing them to you or telling you about them even over the phone.

Talk to the Captain
You and whoever goes with you will be interacting with the captain of the fishing charter. You should call ahead and ask to meet with the captain or talk with him over the phone. Ask him about preferred tactics, techniques or recommendations. It’s best if he suits your needs and the things that you enjoy, as some captains might want to persuade you to try your hand at something new. This talk will help you get to know him a little because if you can get along with both the captain and the crew, your experience will definitely increase in pleasure and enjoyment.

Strict Policies
Some companies have strict policies regarding sport fishing, so you’d want to know about these before you take a fishing charter. You want to know if you can catch and keep, or catch and release. It’s a good question to ask, no matter if you’re experienced or you’re new to fishing.

Half-day Charters
For a nice experience, you won’t need to get a fishing charter for a whole day. You can try out a half-day rental first, especially if you don’t know the waters. It’s also great for those who want to take out their families for a fishing trip, as it won’t be exhausting. However, it’s also cheaper than renting a fishing charter for a whole day.